"And together we shall dig graves for all that die in us,
and we shall stand in the sun with a will
and we shall be dangerous."
- The Madman, Khalil Gibran (via pensyfrdan)

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oneheartoverthemoon asked:

Dear future me...

I've Never Trusted My Own Eyes Answer:


Dear future me,

I hope you have learned how to cope. I hope you have learned how to care for yourself and not think of it as “weak”. I hope you have come to terms with yourself and the mistakes you have made in this life. And I hope you are able to see yourself as beautiful, mentally and physically. Your body was not meant to be a war zone and you deserve to be at peace with yourself. I hope you have surrounded yourself with people who love you and truly care about your happiness.Remember that you cannot fix people, do not let such an impossible task sit on your shoulders. Be kind to yourself and remember to breathe, remember to smile, and remember to love.